Comprehensive training curriculum for cross-cultural missions.

A great commission requires a great preparation.

Adequate training is imperative for fruitful ministry in difficult cross-cultural contexts. Our Essentials curriculum is designed to equip believers with the principles needed for a lasting impact in diverse settings.

God’s Truth Made Accessible.

Numerous barriers stand in the way of countless people in the world finding the forgiveness, peace and joy that God wants for them. Cross Cultural Essentials is all about resourcing and equipping God’s people to understand those barriers clearly and, in His strength, find ways to overcome them.

10 Modules in 4 Foundational Areas.




Valuing careful discipleship principles

Our driving focus is to equip believers to be a part of reaching the neediest people groups with the clear message of the gospel. We would love to see mature churches functioning in many more of these groups. In that light, we seek to carefully present principles that build toward long term church planting and discipleship objectives.


Taught by experienced cross-cultural workers

We value contributions based on current, relevant experience and have been blessed with a wealth of it to draw on. Our staff are experienced, but we also rely heavily on adjunct contributors to teach in their areas of expertise.


Church planting and translation objectives

The curriculum equips people to understand the principles and practice of areas such as culture and language learning, relationship building, literacy work, Bible translation, Bible teaching, discipleship and church health and growth. These principles that are foundational in carefully preparing, and then sharing the Truth also apply to own, increasing multi-cultural communities, as people seek to build meaningful relationships with neighbours and friends from other backgrounds.

“Anyone involved in cross-cultural ministry at home or abroad will find the online tutorials designed by AccessTruth to be biblically based, influenced by the social sciences, and adaptable for any context. This curriculum will help reduce communication noise, bringing clarity to Scripture.” 
Dr Tom Steffen
Professor Emeritus, Cook School of Inter-cultural Studies Biola University

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