The Church Planting Case Studies in this course, (Module 9 of the Cross-cultural Essentials curriculum) are framed by the categories Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship. When this framework was introduced in Module 7, it was not with a specific context in view. The four W.I.L.D areas were discussed in turn, with the intention of demonstrating how the principles relate to any situation in which God’s Word is being shared and discipleship is taking place.

This Module also makes applications from those W.I.L.D. areas, but in the form of case studies, all of which relate to work done in people groups where God’s Word was previously absent or difficult to access; in other words, cross-cultural, church planting and discipleship scenarios. The 22 tutorials contain a wealth of valuable insights from church planters and first generation church leaders as they reflect on the challenges they’ve faced, and also the amazing fruit they’ve seen in the areas of God’s Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship.

Rich Brown

Rich and Karen Brown worked for many years among a people group in South Asia in church planting and Bible translation. Rich now serves on a leadership team with Ethnos360 overseeing church planting efforts and missionary training.

Lessons in this course