We would like to give you an idea of how some of our AccessTruth resources have been used. Hopefully this will encourage you to discover how you might also make use of the resources in your situation. We have highlighted three of our most well-used resources.

Cross-Cultural Essentials Curriculum


This course, which would eventually be comprised of nine modules, was our starting point as a team in 2010 when we began to compile material for a non-residential training program initially in Australia. Our goal was an integrated curriculum that would be modular and flexible. The flexibility plays out in various delivery options – print, audio, video – but also through the robust discussion questions built into the 250+ tutorials. The intention was to provide high quality resources that embody principles aligned to God’s Word and honed in numerous contexts around the world. But considerable scope has been left for participants and training mentors to bring their own perspectives, values and even theological nuances to bear on the topics that are opened up for discussion through the individual tutorials.

The product of investment from a wide range of field experienced contributors, the Cross-cultural Essentials Curriculum is currently being used extensively in Australia, Germany, the USA, South & West Africa and Mexico. Some of the ways it is used are:

  • Mission agency and inter-agency candidate programs
  • Churches equipping members for local and international cross-cultural ministries
  • Individuals seeking to resource themselves for cross-cultural discipleship opportunities
  • Field or home-assignment upskilling and specialisation requirements

His Story: The Rescue


Two related perspectives underpinning all our resources are that; (a) the Bible is essentially God’s meta-narrative about Himself, the human condition, and the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah, and (b) God designed humans to receive Truth primarily as a Narrative, a Story. Having focused our initial efforts on developing a training curriculum, we recognised the need for a resource that would help people wanting to share the story of God’s great rescue, or to understand it for themselves. The result, His Story: The Rescue, is written in simple English to aid comprehension for those from other-language backgrounds. By keeping the language basic and applications as culturally neutral as possible, His Story has proven to be particularly suitable for translating.

Currently, His Story has been translated into simple German, Spanish, Urdu, Haitian Creole and is currently being translated into Bengali. Some of the ways it is being used are;

  • Text for reading groups wanting to hone new literacy skills in Honduras
  • Review material for attendees of Foundational Bible studies in Ecuador
  • Bible study material for Chinese university students in the USA
  • Tool for community based evangelists in South Asia

Going Global Series


This 10 part series is based around a dynamic retelling of the story of the early Church in Acts while highlighting God’s global purposes in reaching out to the nations and introducing participants to New Testament principles for missions. It sketches a realistic picture of the current physical, political, communication and spiritual challenges to the spread of the Good News and provides compelling snapshots of how God is completing His mission around the world. Participants are challenged to seriously consider how God wants them to use their lives and resources in serving Jesus and his mission.

It is currently being used around the world by individuals, church study and leadership groups, and teams preparing for short or long-term mission endeavours. A number of large mission agencies are using the Going Global series as part of their initial orientation program for candidates.

The video sessions and workbook are available through our website or the RightNow Media platform.

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