Working with you towards common goals

Partnering with churches, agencies and individuals is part of our DNA. From the beginning, we identified a commitment to work with others as a foundational value. In his prayer to the Father (John 17) Jesus made it crystal clear that he wanted his disciples to work together to achieve his purposes on the earth. As a team, we know that our efforts will come to nothing unless we pursue opportunities to collaborate with other parts of the Church. We want to contribute to Great Commission efforts already underway, and we need the contribution of others if we are to be effective at all.

We Partner With


Training Orginisations


How we can help


We work with churches and teams who see value in translating AccessTruth resources. These projects come about in a number of ways and are initiated, for example, by;

  • A local church/organisation in a country where resources are needed
  • A church/mission agency reaching out to help in another country
  • Through individual missionaries working in an under-resourced area of the world

As a team, we then collaborate to help ensure the quality of the translation work, raise funds where needed, and advise about distribution and training in the use of the translated resources.


When a local church, a network of churches, or an agency chooses to use our resources for equipping members/candidates, we are glad to provide initial or ongoing input about how the Cross-cultural Essentials curriculum can be integrated into their program. Based on our years of relating to many different training scenarios, we are available to share our insights about what models and practices have proven most effective.


In a more general way, our team stands ready to support efforts, particularly in under-resourced areas, in any way we can. For example, we have been able to put people in touch with others already involved in cross-cultural training in their country or region. We are also glad to promote financial needs for serious equipping efforts and to consider initiating a specific project page on the website so that other believers & churches can be informed and donate if they choose.