Short Series

Going Global

How can I be involved in sharing the Good News? Going Global is designed to highlight God’s purposes in reaching the nations and will challenge you to seriously consider how God wants to use your life in serving Jesus and His mission.

Defending God's Narrative

Made up of four sessions, Scot tackles many of the common questions that are asked by believers and skeptics today. We hope that you leave this series encouraged, strengthened and inspired to make a clear defence of the Truth.

The Metanarrative of Scripture

Bible teacher and professor Scot Keen demonstrates how God progressively reveals Himself through the narrative, and the importance of wrapping our minds around the Biblical story before challenging others with it.

Introduction to Bible Translation

This series provides an on-the-ground look at the work of accurately and carefully transferring God’s Word into another language. Follow along with Bible Translator Stephen as he gives examples of the language he works with to explain how he produces an exegetical draft.