Resourcing churches, agencies and individuals to effectively share Truth in any context.

Challenging • Inspiring • Equipping

Engage with the Great Commission.

Help your church understand current needs and realities around the world and how you can contribute to God’s global purposes right where you are.

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Raise understanding. Inspire Purpose.

Be inspired by these stories of what happens when people hear the Gospel for the first time, and begin to apply God’s Truth in their lives and communities.

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Cultivate an Online Community.

Bring Christ-followers together into an online environment where they can access training material and courses. Whether creating online classes or developing your own courses, we can help you facilitate learning and provide a space for students and teachers to interact.

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Equip for ministry. Transform lives.

With many barriers to the Good News, effective ministry requires training. Whether preparing your students for short-term trips, cross-cultural outreach, or full-time missions, we have the training resources to help.

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Aim for Growth.

Church planting is a popular term in missions, but it isn’t always clear how to go about it or what we should be shooting for. Help students set Biblical benchmarks for church growth so they can see evidence that the Gospel has been understood and is bearing fruit in people’s lives.

Use the WILD Framework

Find your place in the Story.

Gain a fresh view of the Biblical Narrative as you follow Jesus further into His story. Read it for yourself, with a friend or in a study group.

Read His Story: The Rescue

Build relationships. Become part of a community.

To get to know people well and understand their culture, it’s best to spend time in the community where they are, not in a classroom all day. Follow a step by step guide for all you need to know in acquiring a new language and culture and learn to do things the way locals do.

Prepare with BEC

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Ensure no one is poorly equipped for ministry.

With every course, module and program biblically based we hope to see laborers raised up and well-equipped for the Great Commission.




See the impact. Make the impact.

Like you, we are moved by the reality that countless lives still have no access to the transforming truth of the Bible. We’re committed to developing useful tools and resources for seeing the Great Commission accomplished.

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