God's Narrative Continues: Acts (Module 2 of the Cross-cultural Essentials curriculum) starts by briefly looking back at the Biblical Narrative from Genesis to Christ from a totally new perspective: from the point of view of the identity change that has taken place for a believer. What does the Narrative say about their new identity, their access to God and their coming together with other believers? Module 2 also covers Acts, where God’s Word describes the events that shape our understanding of our history as a Church, our shared identity, our mission, the Spirit’s work, and the completion of God’s Revelation in the New Testament.

Each tutorial includes assignment questions and discussion questions.

Keith Henderson

Originally from Northern Ireland, Keith and his family moved to Australia in 1996. Keith has been in full-time ministry roles for 30+ years. He is now Lead Pastor at Kelmscott Baptist Church in Perth, Western Australia. Keith also serves on the Board of a missionary training organization, CrossView Australia.

Lessons in this course