March 13, 2020

WILD Australia


In the Australia episode of the WILD series some of the AccessTruth team visit Northern Australia to learn about the situation there, looking for evidence that the Gospel has been understood and is bearing fruit in people’s lives.

They use the WILD Framework (Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship) to assess what turns out to be a uniquely challenging situation.

The indigenous people they meet have a rich, albeit complex, history. The thin layer of English the they use can be disarming, but it becomes obvious that in their hearts and homes they speak their own language. They are used to foreigners coming in and telling them to forget their old culture. And sadly, not many outsiders have learnt to speak their local language

There is a lot of confusion and it’s hard to know how many people have understood the Gospel clearly. There are differences of opinion between mission agencies about how much contextualization is ok. It becomes apparent to the team that the people need to have God’s Word in their language so they can discern what is true for themselves. They need to know God is speaking to them and that they are part of God’s Story.

Watch WILD Australia to discover how you can equip yourself for this kind of context. Serving in a place like this would mean working through numerous obstacles, from the locals themselves and from others. But it’d be worth it. God’s work is too important not to do well.

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