Measure growth and fruit in the life of a Church.

Are you looking for evidence that the Gospel has been understood and is bearing fruit in people’s lives? The W.I.L.D. Framework is a way to measure growth and fruit in the life of a church. Developed by experienced church planters in a number of contexts, it describes four different areas of growth in the Body – Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship – and how to encourage growth in each area.

Set Biblical benchmarks for Church growth.

Posed as a series of evaluative questions the W.I.L.D. Framework has been used by many church planters in a range of contexts, but especially in places where God’s Word was previously absent or difficult to access; in other words, cross-cultural, church planting and discipleship scenarios.

Although designed especially for church planters, these questions relate to any situation in which God’s Word is being shared and discipleship is taking place.

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