May 29, 2015

The Tugutil - Introduction to the Book


John and Betty Sharpe and their family served in Indonesia from 1980 – 1995. During that time they worked as part of a cross-cultural missionary team to the Tugutil People from 1982 to the end of 1991. In this video they describe some of the things they were involved in over there, and give you an introduction into what their new book, The Tugutil, is about.

What people are saying about the book –

“This book is an amazing testimony of both the power of the gospel and how God used John and Betty Sharpe for his glory among the Tugutil people. There is one extraordinary story after another that keeps you riveted to each page. You come away wishing you were there and inspired to share Christ. It’s packed with gospel wisdom on how to do cross-cultural ministry. I found myself falling in love with the Tugutil people whom I’m so looking forward to meeting in the age to come. This is a must read!” Ray Galea, Author and Lead Pastor at MBM Rooty Hill, Sydney

“You’ll be greatly blessed to read about God’s amazing grace to the Tugutil people in one of the world’s most remote corners. This story of our long-time friends, John and Betty, blended together with the story of the birth of the Tugutil church, is one that illustrates the incredible way that God uses his children to accomplish the difficult, the challenging…and even the impossible – if they will just simply trust him and follow him step by step into the unknown. By the end of the book you’ll be so looking forward to the day you will meet your Tugutil family gathered around the Throne.” Larry Goring, Coordinator for International Ministries, Ethnos 360

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John Sharpe