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AccessTruth supports a number of projects throughout the world where custom resources and special assistance is needed to help make Truth accessible in diverse communities. To the faithful workers reaching out in these communities, we count it a privilege to be able to provide our resources and consultancy at no cost. That means AccessTruth must raise funds to support these projects. Thank you for reading about some current projects and showing your interest and support.



For over a year now, AccessTruth has been working with an enthusiastic, faithful and productive team of brothers and sisters located in a country in South Asia. So far, the local team there have completed an Urdu translation of His Story, had thousands of copies of the book printed and distributed and have facilitated many training workshops in how to use this resource. By passing on your generous donations, AccessTruth has been able to make significant financial contributions toward printing, distribution and training. Some members of our team have also been invited to visit and provide on-site consultancy which they will be doing next year.


This project is ongoing and has fantastic potential to keep growing. Many people working in remote areas have already been impacted. As with all our projects, 100% of any specific project donations are sent immediately to help with the goals of the project team. Most recently AccessTruth received and sent donations for an additional 5,000 copies of His Story Urdu to be printed. This is a great blessing and the team there as they are very excited about moving ahead with their training program to youth and bible study leaders as well as pastors, using His Story as a training resource.

Many people in this South Asian country are being impacted by the simple Message of the Bible presented in His Story: The Rescue.  The team there have a wide network of contacts among many fellowships and organizations already reaching out with God’s Word. Your donation will be used for further printing, helping remote workers attend training workshops, and translation of further cross-cultural training materials for workers in remote areas.



A small team is working on a translation of His Story: The Rescue into Bengali. This team has many connections with fellowships in Bangladesh and are excited about producing this resource to fill a need for a Foundational presentation of God’s Story. They are faithfully working toward completing the translation before the end of this year. With connections into Bengali communities in other places around the world, they look forward with faith to seeing God use this resource more widely in the future. AccessTruth is partnering with them to see the translation completed and would like to offer assistance with book layout, printing and distribution.


The following was written by the team we are partnering with in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a country of around 168 million (Worldometer, United Nations, March 10, 2022) people. More than 8 million Bengalis are also living in the Middle-East and Malaysia and many more communities exist around the world. Presently the number of people who identify as Christian is 0.5% of the total population.

Over the last 500 years of Christianity in Bangladesh, we have been receiving resources and missionaries from elsewhere, but we need missionary training materials and a training centre here in our country for future growth. We have formed a translation team with four dynamic people to produce Biblical resources in Bengali. We aim to translate and distribute Bible teaching materials and to train and teach eager workers and leaders to pass on the Good News of Christ.

We are currently translating HIS STORY: THE RESCUE in partnership with Access Truth. We are very much thankful for this wonderful and unique book which we will use for Bengali speaking people in Bible study groups, and within the network of Bengali churches and denominations at home and abroad. It will definitely impact our ability to reach out with the Gospel to the unreached community.

We have an oversight board comprising of top level Evangelists and Pastors who are experienced with national and international evangelical alliance. The board will adjudicate all our materials, and check our translation work as it progresses for clarity of message. We hope that we will be able to produce quality translations of all the materials and books of Access Truth.

If you would like donate to the general AccessTruth fund to be used at our discretion across all projects we would be grateful for your support

Acknowledgement of Country

Access Truth acknowledges and pays respect to the Biripi and Danghatti/Thangatti people, Elders and Country on which we live and work. We highly value the diverse languages, cultures and traditions of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We express deep sorrow for the devastation and loss that has occurred since European occupation of their lands. We stand alongside them, asking for God’s help in the process of healing and reconciliation.

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