March 24, 2016

LFTF: Episode 4


Series: Lessons from the field


Todd Gerst

What would you say is the single biggest factor in effective church planting in a least-reached people group?

That is a hard question. I think my answer has changed over the last few years. I once would have said relationships with the people that you’re believing that God wants to reach in and through you. I would say today, as I’ve been more reflective and have seen more of what it does take and what’s required, it’s nothing short of your life. I don’t mean just the chronological age of you living there. It’s your life and seeing your life transformed. The incarnational model that Jesus Christ himself gave. Of coming and living with a people and being Christ to the world. I believe that’s the biggest challenge in reaching a people group or seeing a church established. Is for those that are going to minister to model that and be incarnational as He was, to reflect Christ in their own life. You think about what we can expound on then is you think about what His life was like. How He loved, how He served, His view of leadership, His view of teaching, and how He was a master teacher. How He was a master-disciple, all of those things come from lifting up Christ in our own lives and as that is seen. It’s amazing how varied cultures are and how different they are and yet Christ can become Christ to them in their context. He can do that through us, but only as we surrender and we ourselves die to Him.

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Todd Gerst