February 7, 2017 September 2nd, 2019

LFTF: Episode 17

SERIES: Lessons from the Field Keith Copley

What should a church be looking for in a missionary before choosing to support them?


When you think about the kind of a person that you want to invest your effort and time and money into as a missionary, I think one of the big qualities that you’re looking for is somebody who has one, a natural like of people. They have to be able to build good relationships, have to be inquisitive to learn about others and able to show an interest in other people and to draw those people in, and so if I were going to look at them, look at for somebody in my church city, that I would look for people that are already naturally bent that way, that are already naturally reaching out to people, getting to know people and trying to understand them and then also trying to effectively communicate the great news, the best news to those people in an effective manner.
Keith Copley

Keith Copley

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