January 24, 2017 September 2nd, 2019

LFTF: Episode 16

SERIES: Lessons from the Field Rick Oickle

Do you have any key principles on learning a language and culture?


There’s a couple of key things, I think that … Principles that can be applied that will really aide somebody in learning a language and culture. The first one is to be determined to live among the people whose language and culture you’re learning. I prefer to call it a langua-culture and … But just to be committed to be in that host world and to stay among the people group while you’re learning. The second is a commitment … Well, there’s different ideas, but the one that I think is a helpful one, it’s a … Some people think you can get it right from the beginning. Some think you get it right in the end, but some think maybe just keep getting better and better at it until the end and I think if somebody has that attitude about they can always improve. They can always get better and they can keep learning, that they’ll do well in learning a language and a culture. Also, there’s a principal that’s fairly important that … It’s been called the Iceberg Principle. The idea behind that is you learn a lot of vocabulary. You just aim to become familiar with a lot of vocabulary, a lot of ways people talk and keep interacting with that. Every interaction with those words and those ways of talking, they get stronger and stronger and move up in your iceberg until you own them and you can use them easily. Those are three key principals, maybe, that I would think a person starting out learning a language could have in mind and it would help them.
Rick Oickle

Rick Oickle

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