July 12, 2016 August 27th, 2019

LFTF: Episode 10

SERIES: Lessons from the Field Rich Brown

What is your view of so-called orality strategies for pioneering church planting, those that minimise the need for literacy and written Bible translations?


Yeah, I think that’s a good question, because that’s one of the things that a lot of people are asking today. A lot of the strategies want to be able to get the gospel to people as quickly as possible, and see at a lot of the written strategies that we use actually hinder that from happening. So there’s, I think, a desire out there to see people saved, and that’s something that we can all appreciate really a lot, but I think if you come back to what the Great Commission is about, Jesus asked us to go and make disciples of the nations, and disciple making is a process. It’s not just about people getting saved, but it’s actually seeing them being rooted and grounded in Christ and understand God’s Word. I’ve seen at most orality strategies out there actually just focus on getting people to a point where they accept Christ, but there’s not really anything after that, that actually sees them go deeper. So there are attempts made, but what we find that a lot of them fall short of actually being able to give people the actual, deep truths that are needed, the things that individuals need in order that be able to see themselves in Christ and to be able to move them towards maturity.
Rich Brown

Rich Brown

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