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Communicating Truth in a Secular World

SERIES: Interview with Nancy Pearcey Nancy Pearcey

People now say that the only reliable truth is science. Moral or spiritual truths aren’t actually truths, they are personal opinions. What used to be integrated- spiritual and scientific truth- has split in two.

This makes communicating truth difficult. It doesn’t make sense anymore to say that Christianity is true. People hear you saying that it is your own private value, but they don’t even hear it as a truth claim. It’s just something that keeps you motivated and gets you through the night.

Being a missionary now means not only learning another language and going to another country. It also means learning the language of the secular people around you. They speak English but use the words differently. You talk about defending Christian values, but secular people hear something different. They hear you say that Christianity is your own private belief system, not that it is true, and so it has no bearing on their lives.

In this interview series, bestselling author Nancy Pearcey highlights modern challenges Christians face in taking the Gospel to the world.

Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey

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