We develop training resources for making the Truth of the Bible accessible across cultures

How can I share my faith with a foreign student at my university?
What can our church do to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways by helping refugees settle comfortably into our neighbourhood?
What would it take for our family to bring God’s light to the rural poor flooding into a new mega-city in Asia or Africa?
Where can I find a really good program for learning another language and understanding a culture?
How can our mission agency do a better job of equipping candidates for teaching, discipling and even translating the Bible in an unreached group somewhere?

AccessTruth exists to answer questions like these and to provide an exhaustive range of resources to help individuals, teams and churches share their faith effectively across cultures. We recognize that the scope of this vision is beyond us as a small team, but we are continually amazed by how God continues to provide. By far the most valuable provision has been a wealth of contributors who’ve been willing to make their time, experience and expertise available as part of the ever growing pool of AccessTruth resources. It is our desire to help to equip God’s Church, not only where it has been historically strong, but also to provide translated, relevant materials for areas where local fellowships are under-resourced for reaching out to their own people and beyond.