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What do you look for in a Church planter?

SERIES: Q&A with Author and Pastor Stuart Briscoe Stuart Briscoe

Q&A with Author and Pastor Stuart Briscoe


Paul Mac: If you were putting together a church planning team, say to do church planning in a really anywhere, but say in an inner city cross-cultural setting. What would you see as being the ideal make up of the team? What would you be looking for in the people that you would bring on to that team? Could you share that with us? Stuart Briscoe: I would look for people who are demonstrating spiritual maturity, not spiritual perfection and recognising at different ages, people can be realistically expected to have certain degrees of maturity. Being realistic, I would look for people who were showing real signs of growth. I would look for people who are teachable. I’d look for people who fully recognise what they know, recognising more what they don’t know, and have an eagerness to learn. I would look for evidence of spiritual gifting. Whilst I fully recognise that much of our discipleship is done in areas where we’re not particularly gifted, I believe everybody is gifted and I want to get a sense of what that particular gifting is. I would also want to make sure they were team players, that they were not egotists, that they were not cowboys, that they were not people who thought that they themselves were going to change the world, that they were humble, that they were relational. I would also look for people who like people and whom people like. That’s the two critical things. Do you like people? Do people like you? I would also look for people who have a degree of stickability. The sort of people who don’t just pick up and run with something until it gets uphill and then quit, but people who can press through and who’ve shown signs that they have the ability to finish what they’ve started. If that isn’t enough, probably I think that’s enough to be going on with.

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe

Dr. Stuart Briscoe is an evangelical Christian author, international speaker and the former senior pastor of Elmbrook Church, in Brookfield, Wisconsin.