1. When purchasing an online course or a full subscription package you do not own the material but have a licence to access and use the material. The licence for the material is only valid if your account is active and you have the resource in your online library. Regardless of how many copies you print or distribute, once your account becomes inactive the resources may no longer be used.

2. Paid membership to the AccessTruth online courses gives permission for you to use the resources personally for yourself and within groups (we define groups in point 3). You may also print off copies of the content for people in your group and if there is video content you may watch it together. Members of your group are not licenced to share the resources with others outside the group.

3. When we use the term ‘group’ we are referring to a singular group that meets together (like a classroom or Bible study). The material can be used within the group but if individuals will be covering large portions outside of the group, in personal time, we require each individual to have their own personal licence.
All purchases do support the continual production of more resources, and we feel that when people purchase something they tend to value it more. If finances are the constraint, please do contact us as we don’t want that to be a limiting factor.

4. The submissions area functionality of the AccessTruth site only works if the user has their own personal account and have purchased an individual licence.

5. Resources that you have purchased must not be placed on a server or file sharing service to the public or group members. If you don’t want to print the digital resources out, you can buy the printed paperback versions which are discounted for groups.

6. You are not allowed to re-sell the resources you download.

7. All printed and distributed copies of the resources must include the appropriate copyright notice. No changes are permitted that alter the integrity of the material.

8. If you are not sure on what’s the right thing to do, please get in touch with us so we can clarify. We want to support and encourage those that are using our resources so we will do our best to accommodate you and your requirements all in the realm of what is reasonable.

9. If you are found to be breaching copyright or using the resources outside of these terms your account will be suspended.

10. For all of the AccessTruth online courses, we offer samples that you can read and watch before you commit to purchasing a licence. If you are genuinely unsatisfied with the resource we will provide a full refund. You will no longer be allowed to use any resources you have downloaded during the time you had a licence (see point 1).