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Many decades of experience in cross-cultural work

Represented on our small team is a wide range and depth of experience. Between us we have 75+ years working in all aspects of cross-cultural work. This includes direct involvement in culture and language acquisition, literacy program development, Bible teaching and translation, and church planting. Also, as a team we have had many opportunities to interact with individuals, churches and teams in dozens of contexts around the world.

That’s certainly not to say we have all the answers, but it does mean that we’re equipped to help you make the best possible use of our resources whatever your current or future cross-cultural involvement. We’d count it a privilege to talk to you in a one-off conversation to brainstorm ideas or to provide ongoing discussions and consultancy.

Some examples of our work

A couple in Kenya work part-time with a Bible translation agency. They feel God is prompting them to become more directly involved in work among minority groups in west Africa. We have had a series of online conversations as they chose some Cross-cultural Essentials modules to work through that best suit their goals.

An agency in Germany decided to establish a church-based missions training program. We have had multiple conversations and visits by team members as they develop a model for training and hand-pick AccessTruth modules to incorporate into their curriculum.

A US-based mission aviation organisation wants to use our Going Global series in their orientation package for all new personnel. We discussed how they can best utilize the resource in their onboarding program.

A couple working in Cambodia began training local believers to reach out to the minority groups in their country. A partnership is developing as they begin to translate our Culture Language Acquisition program into Khmer, the language of wider communication.

Acknowledgement of Country

Access Truth acknowledges and pays respect to the Biripi and Danghatti/Thangatti people, Elders and Country on which we live and work. We highly value the diverse languages, cultures and traditions of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We express deep sorrow for the devastation and loss that has occurred since European occupation of their lands. We stand alongside them, asking for God’s help in the process of healing and reconciliation.

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