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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I purchase a Module?

You get access to all the Tutorials in that Module through the AccessTruth website, using your personal login. When you log in, the Module you purchased will appear in 'My Resources'. Tutorials include audio files so you can choose to listen to the material, or read it, or both. Discussion questions, activities and assignments are included in each Tutorial, as well as extra reading, research ideas, video and audio supplementary material. You have an option to seek a personal connection (see note below: What if I have questions or want to discuss the material?)

Do I have to use the material within a certain amount of time?

No, once you purchase a Module, it will stay in 'My Resources', and you can use it at your leisure. Your login will remain active.

What if I have questions or want to discuss the material?

While you are working through the AccessTruth resources, you might want to connect with someone, to ask questions, discuss the material, tell us what you are learning, or become more involved. We have people who would be vitally interested in you and your progress. We partner with organisations and churches for you to be facilitated through this material, please see our Training Partners.

Is there only a digital version of the material?

Yes and No. The curriculum is mostly only available in digital form at this time. All your purchased material can be downloaded in PDF, mp3 or video format, or accessed directly from this website, it is compatible with all tablet devices. You can print the material yourself, keeping in mind that it is copyright to AccessTruth, so we would ask you keep it for personal use only or for use in your small group. We are in the process of developing DVD's and printed material, some are available in the publications area.

What if I can't afford it?

If you are interested in purchasing AccessTruth modules but hesitate for financial reasons, we don't want to stop you, and we would be glad to work with you to find a solution.

Who has developed the material and what kind of people make up the staff of Access Truth?

The Access resources are developed by people who've personally been involved in teaching and church planting, in Western contexts and among previously unreached people groups in other parts of the world. The staff are committed believers, with proven track records in training, cross-cultural church planting, discipleship and Bible teaching and with a wide range of experience in resourcing and equipping others for God's Work. They also draw on the current experiences of hundreds of others working to make truth accessible in the full scope of global contexts.

Where does my money go?

AccessTruth is a resource website run by volunteers, a non-profit charity. All funds generated by this material go directly back into producing more materials, equipping churches, and funding cross-cultural ministry work; specifically work that is making God's Word accessible to the world's neediest people groups.

Can I give my small group, church group, or class group the login to my Access materials?

If you would like your individual group members to be able to log in and access the materials online, we simply ask that your group leader purchase one login for the required modules, and then that you make a donation for the rest of your group who will be using the material (see the note above: Where does my money go?).

What if I can't find an answer to my question here?

Please contact us.