Making God's Truth Accessible

Helping people to be more effective as they serve in cross-cultural contexts locally and globally.

It’s no secret that there are still millions of people in the world living in “unreached” or “least-reached” areas.

The people represented by those numbers can’t find out about God, or who Jesus Christ is, or what He did for them – because there’s no Bible in their language or church in their area – they have no access to Truth. So… (you might ask) what can I do about that?

Well, you could pack a suitcase and jump on a plane – but then what? How would you spend your first day? How would you start learning language? When would you tell them about Jesus? And if you decided to stay here and reach people in your own community, how would you start, and how would break through the barriers to clear communication even here? The truth is that a mature, grounded, fellowship of God’s children doesn’t just “happen” – in an unreached area or even in the next street.

So, AccessTruth resources are for people who are serious about doing a good job of passing on the Truth – of taking the time to get to know people, to “speak their language” – even if they live right next door. When we speak the Truth, we need to have the confidence that it is still the same Truth when it gets through our hearer’s language, culture and worldview grid. With the AccessTruth resources it’s easy to be better equipped; for teaching the whole narrative of the Bible – for learning about culture and worldview – for planting a church and seeing it grow.

We develop quality resources for individuals, churches and agencies to use for equipping others in cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, church planting and Bible translation.

Online Courses

Adaptable and practical courses. Developed by experienced cross-cultural church planters and workers.


Books to help equip you in making truth accessible to others.

Free Media and Resources

A growing collection of useful articles, interviews, ebooks, lectures and other videos.