The Conversation - Discipleship (Part 1)

Published 5th November 2018 - Rich Brown | Series: The Conversation Series

Cross-cultural church planters Rich Brown, Bill and Kelley Housley and Phil and Elin Henderson have a conversation on the topic of discipleship. In this first video the discussion centres around what is 'discipleship'? How does it play out in the context of the church? As followers of Jesus how are we to be both a disciple and discipler?

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The Conversation - Discipleship (Part 1)

In this small video series cross-cultural church planters Rich Brown, Bill and Kelley Housley and Phil and Elin Henderson have a conversation on the topic of discipleship.

The Conversation - Discipleship (Part 2)

In this second video church planters Rich, Bill & Kelley and Phil & Elin continue their conversation on discipleship and share examples from working in a cross-cultural context.