LFTF: Episode 7

Published 19th May 2016 - Bill Housley | Series: Lessons From the Field

In episode 7 of Lessons from the Field we talk with Bill Housley. Bill and Kelly Housley are missionaries to the Inapang people in Papua New Guinea. They have been working in church planting and translating the New Testament into the Inapang language. We asked the question:

How would you describe the relationship between teaching God's Word and discipleship in a pioneering church planting context? 

I think one of the beauties in a church planting context of the relationship between teaching God's word and discipleship is that often in a church planting context, in a pioneering church planting context, your lifestyle or the things that you're asked to do somewhat bring a lot of stresses in your life, and so as you're teaching God's word you have a perfect opportunity to be stressed and let the people that are watching you teach and hearing you teach see the relationship between what they're hearing and how you're living your life. Often the people that are listening to you, they don't have lots of other ways to identify or even think about things from the scripture about how they should be living, and so it's a perfect opportunity for you in your life to be pointing out things that are hard for you, and so they can see the relationship between what the scripture's asking you to do and how to live with how it affects their life right there with you.

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