LFTF: Episode 6

Published 1st March 2016 - Todd Gerst | Series: Lessons From the Field

In episode 6 of Lessons from the Field we talk with Todd Gerst, a church planter and Bible translator who worked among the Maleu people in Papua New Guinea (See the video His Gift to Gie). He and his wife Karen spent 15 years working with the Maleu people seeing several churches established, elders appointed, and the fruit of new birth apparent in countless lives. Todd is now Lead Pastor at Warsaw Community Church in Indiana, USA. We asked the question: If you were 25 years old again would you still choose the same path for your life?

If you were 25 years old again would you still choose the same path for your life?

Yes. I would do it over in a heartbeat. In fact, I wish I was even thirty-five maybe even forty-one. I might try it over again. Yeah. The things that we have now seen God do, not just with the Maleu people where we worked, and to see the opportunities that we’ve had to play a small role in what he’s done there. Even for ourselves, what God has done for us. His faithfulness. The privilege it is to get to teach and to study, and attempt to be Christ to people. To learn to love people who you naturally wouldn’t, and to see God transform our own lives. We would do it over again and wish we could.

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