LFTF: Episode 3

Published 23rd March 2016 - Paul Mac | Series: Lessons From the Field

Lessons from the Field (LFTF) an ongoing video series where we ask field-experienced leaders and teachers the tough questions about cross-cultural ministry. In episode 3 of Lessons from the Field we sit down with Paul Mac who along with his wife Linda worked among the Ata people in Papua New Guinea (See the Ata Story). We ask the question:

What is the neediest area that we can contribute resources to in seeing unreached people groups reached with the Gospel?

In terms of the greatest resource that is needed for reaching the unreached, obviously we need God’s undertaking, but in terms of humanly speaking, the biggest resource is people. People who are willing to commit to the task, commit to what’s needed in the long term to actually see a community, to become a part of a community, first of all. Then to be willing to invest themselves into that situation to actually get to know the community, understand, and really invest their lives in the same church planted in that area. In short, the biggest need is for people. That’s a challenge because of so many other things that people can be involved in. Good thing is that they are told, this is what a responsible person does, but the great commission and the needs of people who are dying without knowing Christ and going to eternity without Him, it really supersedes those things. We need people.

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