May 11, 2021 May 13th, 2021

Episode 14: Interview with David Williams

Paul Mac

How did the Old Testament deal with poverty? Those who were marginally alienated by poverty were included back into community of Israel which was structured to care for them. The local church now has the role to care for the poor in their brokenness and include those who are marginalised.

Join Paul Mac in this episode as he discusses worldview, poverty and theology with David Williams. Initially qualifying as a medical doctor, David changed direction and pursued theological training. He and his wife Rachel then served in Kenya, Nairobi for 9 years and they now equip cross-cultural workers in Australia.

David leads the training ministry of CMS Australia and has authored several articles, including a six-part series on Pain, Pleasure and the Secular Worldview.

Paul Mac

Paul Mac

Paul and his wife, Linda, spent 11 years in Papua New Guinea involved in pioneering church planting in an isolated people group. They were privileged to see God plant a number of churches in that area that continue to thrive today. During the time there, they headed up a translation team that produced a New Testament in the local language. After leaving PNG, Paul and Linda worked for 12 years in leadership and consultative roles with an international mission agency. Today they continue to provide church planting guidance for a number of different teams engaged in some of the world’s most challenging contexts. They are passionate about seeing churches planted that are well equipped to carry on for future generations.

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