God’s Epic Mission and the Part we can Play

A new 10-part Bible study series

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Engage with the Great Commission.

How can I be involved in sharing the Good News? Going Global is designed to highlight God’s purposes in reaching the nations and will challenge you to seriously consider how God wants to use your life in serving Jesus and His mission.

Be Prepared.

Many obstacles exist to spreading the Gospel. Learn from Acts-based principles of missions as you hear a dynamic retelling of the Acts story of the early Church, their challenges and how they were overcome.

Use the Going Global Workbook to guide your group discussion.

Going Global is a 10-part series that:

  • Includes a dynamic retelling of the story of the early Church in Acts
  • Highlights God’s global purposes in reaching out to the nations
  • Introduces participants to New Testament principles for missions
  • Sketches a realistic picture of the current physical, political, communication and spiritual challenges to the spread of the Good News
  • Provides compelling snapshots of how God is completing His mission around the world
  • Challenges participants to seriously consider how God wants them to use their lives and resources in serving Jesus and His mission
  • Is designed to be used by individuals, church study or leadership groups, and teams preparing for short or long-term mission endeavours

Join us as we go on a journey through the book of Acts to see what part we can play, as the Message of Jesus continues Going Global.



Jesus Sends the Church Out

Running Time 29:20


Equipped for the Task

Running Time 29:32


Living & Dying For The Gospel

Running Time 31:17


Sharing God's Narrative

Running Time 30:58


The Church Going Out

Running Time 29:33


The Gospel and Worldview Change

Running Time 31:15


The Church Overcoming Obstacles

Running Time 27:40


Planting Churches That Mature

Running Time 28:38


Being Disciples and Making Disciples

Running Time 24:50


God's Word and Access For All

Running Time 28:30

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