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Communication and Culture

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

Communication and Culture (Module 4 of the AccessTruth Curriculum) begins by focusing on God’s de...

Narrative Hermeneutics

Series: Stand-alone courses

How can we bring God’s Word from the ancient Biblical world to our modern world as God intended? ...

Introduction to Bible Translation

Series: Stand-alone courses

Bible translator Stephen Crockett teaches this short 4-part course on the steps it takes to see a...

The Metanarrative of Scripture

Series: Stand-alone courses

The stories we believe help us derive meaning and purpose from life. The story of God from Creati...

Culture and Language Acquisition

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

The key elements that make up every person’s worldview are explored in the beginning of Culture a...

Resourcing the Church

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

The first part of Resourcing the church (Module 8 of the AccessTruth Curriculum) is a comprehensi...