Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship

W.I.L.D - A framework for understanding how truth impacts people and churches

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About this course

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship (Module 7 of the AccessTruth Curriculum) answers the question, Do we need a goal when we are involved in church planting and discipleship? Then, using an outline that has been developed by experienced church planters in a number of contexts, it describes four different areas of growth in the Body – Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship – and how to encourage growth in each area. Practical help and examples are given to equip participants with principles, and an understanding of the realities of each of these areas of church growth in a real context.

Paul Mac

Paul and his wife Linda worked 11 years in Papua New Guinea doing pioneering church planting work and Bible translation among a previously unreached people group. They have since been involved in church planting consultancy giving guidance to teams all around the world. They are passionate about seeing churches planted that are well equipped to carry on for future generations.

What you will learn

  • A framework for evaluating spiritual growth within a church, group or individual
  • Identifying clear goals for church planting and discipleship

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