His Story: The Rescue

The Bible message from Genesis to Christ in easy english

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About this course

Series: Stand-alone courses

This is the online version of the book His Story: The Rescue. It includes videos presented word-for-word from the book as well as downloadable PDF files of each session which can be printed for use in a small group setting.

God has told his story in the Bible. It is the story of his great rescue effort that began thousands of years ago and is still going on today. All of us wonder what God is really like. Thankfully, although we can’t see him, we can know him from the things he has done and said. Many events in which he has been the pivotal figure, whether appearing on center stage or operating behind the scenes, have been recorded in the Bible. These events clearly illustrate who he really is, what he has done and what he is saying to us today. His Story: The Rescue, presents a panoramic overview of the Biblical narrative, as it tells of his great rescue effort that began thousands of years ago and continues today. His Story is presented in easy English with definitions provided for any challenging words or terms. The 22 sessions with discussion questions are designed to be used in Bible studies, English classes, or study groups, or can also be used by individuals wanting to understand God’s Word for themselves.

Paul Mac

Paul and his wife Linda worked 11 years in Papua New Guinea doing pioneering church planting work and Bible translation among a previously unreached people group. They have since been involved in church planting consultancy giving guidance to teams all around the world. They are passionate about seeing churches planted that are well equipped to carry on for future generations.

Linda Mac

Linda has worked for many years in cross-cultural church planting consultancy with a focus on language and culture acquisition and literacy program development. Linda is the author of His Story: The Rescue and co-author of BEC: Becoming Equipped to Communicate

What you will learn

  • About God's character in light of the grand story of the Bible
  • How people have rebelled against God
  • The good news of Jesus and His rescue mission
  • How the stories of the Bible fit together

Tutorials in this course


12 min 47 sec

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