God's Narrative: Genesis to Christ

A walk through the Bible from creation to Christ's resurrection

54 Lessons

Take a journey through God's grand narrative

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About this course

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

God’s Word is one entire, seamless description of what He has revealed about Himself, about the Spirit world, about Creation, about man and about His intentions. God's Narrative: Genesis to Christ (Module 1 of the AccessTruth Curriculum) covers the first part of God’s Narrative. Beginning in Genesis, it gives an overview from His Word of His interactions with men and women throughout history, right up to the life of Christ. This begins the One Story: a seamless description of all that has been, is, and will be, with God as the Master Storyteller.

Paul Mac

Paul and his wife Linda worked 11 years in Papua New Guinea doing pioneering church planting work and Bible translation among a previously unreached people group. They have since been involved in church planting consultancy giving guidance to teams all around the world. They are passionate about seeing churches planted that are well equipped to carry on for future generations.

What you will learn

  • About God's character in light of the narrative of Scripture
  • Helps you to see the Bible as one cohesive story
  • Provides an understanding of Biblical Theology

Tutorials in this course

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