Communication and Culture

About this course

Series: The AccessTruth Curriculum

Communication and Culture (Module 4 of the AccessTruth Curriculum) begins by focusing on God’s desire to communicate clearly, and what it is that He wants to communicate. All human communication takes place within the context of culture, so Module 4 is an in-depth exploration of culture; what it is, and how we can understand it. Understanding our own culture more objectively begins by making comparisons between different cultures in specific areas, such as the concept of time, areas of obligation, styles of communication, and social relationships. Module 4 finishes by giving an introduction to the major principles of acquiring another language and culture and becoming a clear communicator in another culture.

Assignment questions and discussion questions are on the PDF Tutorial files.

What will you learn?

  • Biblical understanding of God's character and His desire to communicate clearly
  • Differences in cultures and personalities and how to begin understand them
  • How to acquire another language and culture in order to become a clear communicator


Darcy Dueck

Darcy and his wife served in West Africa doing church planting for a number of years before moving home to Canada and teaching at Emanate Missionary Training School in Canada. Darcy is now the Director of Discipleship and Missions at Woodside Bible Fellowship.