OVER 80 lessons for teaching community-based english

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Connect across cultures. Share the good news.

Churches are finding that teaching English not only bridges the language barrier, but is also a practical way to build relationships with migrants in the hope that they may one day hear the Gospel. Community Life ESL is designed specifically for churches who want to offer hands-on, relationship centered learning.

Learn in community.

Community Life ESL is not just a language teaching program. Students will learn how to function in their new community, to speak, listen and interact in natural ways and take part in people’s lives.



“An hour or two in class each week is not enough for my students to learn English. What should I do?” is a question every English teacher has asked themselves. This book poses a solution. What if the hour of English teaching turned into English consulting, modelling to students how to learn English in their own communities outside the classroom? 

Community Life ESL has been adapted from Becoming Equipped to Communicate (BEC), a culture and language program which was developed to equip people to communicate fluently in cross-cultural situations. 

Community Life ESL is designed to equip students to develop deep relationships in the community. Upon completion of this program, students will have developed numerous relationships in their new community as a normal part of their process of learning. In this sense, Community Life ESL is not just a language learning program, it is a program in which students will learn to function in their new community – to speak, to listen, to interact in natural ways and to take part in people’s lives.