Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship (Module 7)


A framework for understanding how Truth impacts people and churches

Product Description

This is the print version of Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship (W.I.L.D.) from The AccessTruth Curriculum series.

Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship (W.I.L.D.) answers the question, Do we need a goal when we are involved in church planting and discipleship? Then, using an outline that has been developed by experienced church planters in a number of contexts, it describes four different areas of growth in the Body – Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship – and how to encourage growth in each area. Practical help and examples are given to equip participants with principles, and an understanding of the realities of each of these areas of growth in a real context.

Tutorials in Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship

7.1 – God is Building His Church

7.2 – Building, Body, Bride

7.3 – Co-Workers with God

7.4 – Clarity in church building work

7.5 – Word. Identity. Life. Discipleship

7.6 – Access to the Bible

7.7 – Engaging at a worldview level

7.8 – The authority of God’s Word

7.9 – The complete Narrative

7.10 – Making use of God’s Word

7.11 – Understanding true identity

7.12 – The Narrative of the Church

7.13 – One Body in Christ

7.14 – Viewing others according to truth

7.15 – Introduction to ‘Life’

7.16 – A relationship with Jesus

7.17 – The purpose for which we exist

7.18 – Form, function, fulfilment

7.19 – Introduction to Discipleship

7.20 – Disciples of the Master

7.21 – Applying truth in the walk of faith

7.22 – Equipped for service

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