Resourcing the Church (Module 8)


Bible translation, literacy and curriculum development

Product Description

This is the print version of Resourcing the Church from The AccessTruth Curriculum series.

The first part of Resourcing the Church is a comprehensive guide to the foundational principles of communicating meaning in another language and culture. Bible translation principles and many practical examples and exercises are given to help to equip anyone intending to teach or translate God’s Word in another context. Later in Module 8, a series of tutorials explores the area of Literacy; what it is, how it affects the church in particular, and how to develop and nurture a community literacy project. Finally, the area of developing Bible teaching resources for the church is covered, helping to present the principles of teamwork and a careful, collaborative approach.

Extra Resource Required for Tutorials 8.1-8.3: One Bible, Many Versions: Are all translations created equal?, By Dave Brunn (Available on Amazon)

Tutorials in Resourcing the Church

8.1 – Form and Meaning in Bible Translation

8.2 – Bible Translation Introduction 1

8.3 – Bible Translation Introduction 2

8.4 – The Place of Bible Translation in Church Planting

8.5 – Text Analysis

8.6 – Groupings: Cohesion and Boundaries

8.7 – Semantic Structure of Language

8.8 – Propositional Structure 1

8.9 – Propositional Structure 2

8.10 – Concept Relations within Propositions

8.11 – Communication Relations

8.12 – The Translation Process

8.13 – Assessing the Translation

8.14 – What is literacy and why is it important?

8.15 – Assessing literacy needs

8.16 – Developing an Orthography

8.17 – Developing literacy materials

8.18 – Teaching literacy and encouraging community involvement

8.19 – Bible Curriculum Development 1

8.20 – Bible Curriculum Development

8.21 – Bible Curriculum Development 3

8.22 – Bible Curriculum Development 4

8.23 – Bible Curriculum Development 5