God's Narrative: Genesis to Christ (Module 1)


A walk through the Bible from Genesis to Christ's resurrection

Product Description

This is the print version of Module 1: God’s Narrative Genesis to Christ from The AccessTruth Curriculum series.

God's Narrative: Genesis to Christ covers the first part of God’s Narrative. His Word is one entire, seamless description of what He has revealed about Himself, about the Spirit world, about Creation, about humans and His intentions for them. Beginning in Genesis, Module 1 gives an overview from God’s Word of His interactions with men and women throughout history, right up to the life of Christ. This begins the One Story: a seamless description of all that has been, is, and will be, with God as the Master Storyteller.

Tutorials in God's Narrative: Genesis to Christ

1.1 – The Master Storyteller

1.2 – The Stories we tell

1.3 – The Whole Story

1.4 – Every Story Starts Somewhere

1.5 – What’s so great about Foundational Teaching?

1.6 – Preparation for Creation to Christ

1.7 – The Bible is God’s message to all people

1.8 – The Bible tells us what God is like…

1.9 – God created the angels and the heavens and earth

1.10 – God revealed His nature and attributes through creation

1.11 – God created Adam and Eve

1.12 – God placed Adam in Eden

1.13 – God created a wife for Adam

1.14 – Lucifer rebelled against God

1.15 – Adam and Eve disobeyed God

1.16 – God judged Adam…God promised to send the Deliverer

1.17 – God provided clothing for Adam and Eve…Cain and Abel

1.18 – God rejected Cain… but accepted Abel and his offering

1.19 – God promised to save Noah and all in the ark

1.20 – God saved all in the ark…The Tower of Babel

1.21 – God chose Abram and guided him to Canaan…

1.22 – God…destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

1.23 – God gave Isaac and delivered him from death

1.24 – God chose Jacob to be the ancestor of the Deliverer

1.25 – God promoted Joseph…took Jacob’s family into Egypt

1.26 – God preserved the Israelites and protected Moses

1.27 – The Lord sent plagues on the Egyptians

1.28 – God delivered the Israelites at the Red Sea…

1.29 – God made an agreement with the Israelites if they obey

1.30 – God gave the Ten Commandments

1.31 – God told the Israelites to build the Tabernacle

1.32 – The Israelites did not believe God would give the land

1.33 – God took the Israelites into Canaan…chose their leaders

1.34 – God sent His prophets to the Israelites…

1.35 – God fulfilled His promises concerning John

1.36 – God was about to fulfil His promises of the Deliverer

1.37 – The Deliverer was born and grew into manhood

1.38 – God sent John to teach and baptise. John baptised Jesus

1.39 – Jesus resisted Satan’s temptations

1.40 – Jesus began His ministry

1.41 – Jesus taught the necessity of the “new birth”

1.42 – Jesus had power to heal sickness and to forgive sins…

1.43 – Jesus calmed a storm and released a man from demons

1.44 – Jesus fed 5,000 people

1.45 – The Pharisees rejected God’s way

1.46 – Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God

1.47 – Jesus is the only door to eternal life

1.48 – Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead

1.49 – Jesus taught that we need to humbly admit our guilt

1.50 – It is foolish to give material things pre-eminence over God

1.51 – Jesus rode into Jerusalem…celebrated the Passover

1.52 – Jesus was arrested by His enemies

1.53 – Jesus was crucified

1.54 – Jesus was buried, raised from the dead and appeared…

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