Building on Firm Foundations – Volume 1

Guidelines for Evangelism and Teaching Believers

By Trevor McIlwain

God has progressively revealed Himself within the context and framework of history. Therefore, it can be said that the best way to teach Truth in any culture is within the chronological and historical framework of the Scriptures. Trevor McIlwain describes the principles he’s learnt teaching the Bible chronologically and shares many examples of others who have done the same. This first volume lays out the biblical basis for the Building on Firm Foundations teaching program which is presented in subsequent volumes.

The Building on Firm Foundations (BOFF) series is an extensive teaching program which helps equip leaders and disciple-makers to teach God’s Word. Developed especially with cross-cultural evangelism in a church planting context in mind, the Building on Firm Foundations lessons have been used in over 250 people groups with exceptional results.

About the Author:

Trevor Mcllwain is the author of the Building on Firm Foundations series. Trevor and his wife Fran worked in a remote people group in the Philippines for many years. He has travelled around the world teaching at churches, Bible colleges and missionary training centres. His heart is to equip leaders to teach the Bible as one unbroken narrative and to see mature churches planted that in turn go on to make disciples.

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