A practical guide for learning a language and culture

Communicate across cultures.

Becoming Equipped to Communicate (BEC) is a practical program for learning language and culture. With daily plans to guide in the process of acquiring a new language, it is designed to equip people to communicate fluently and at a deep level in cross-cultural situations.

Build relationships. Become part of a community.

BEC explains the foundations of relationship-centred learning. It guides language learners as they build friendships and get involved in their new community. From basics to advanced, it lays out a step by step process of all people need to know in acquiring a new language and culture.

Become proficient.

To get to know people well and understand their culture, it’s best to spend time in the community where they are, not in a classroom all day. BEC activities help learners to acquire language and culture as they mingle with locals. It has 4 levels with the end goal to help learners speak fluently so they can do all the things a local person can do.

Designed by learners, for learners.

A team of developers created BEC using their own culture and language learning activities as inspiration. They became proficient in a minority language in Papua New Guinea. Although BEC was specifically written with this PNG community in mind, it employs sound and proven learning principles which are universally applicable.

BEC will help learners to function in their new community – to speak, listen and interact in natural ways as they take part in people’s lives with Daily Learning Plans in four key levels.

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