Lessons From the Field

Lessons from the Field (LFTF) an ongoing video series where we ask field-experienced leaders and teachers the tough questions about cross-cultural ministry.

29 Videos in this series

LFTF: Episode 29

1st September 2018 | 6 min 50 sec

In church planting what is your strategy for passing on the work to the new believers and leaders in the church?

LFTF: Episode 28

6th February 2018 | 1 min 40 sec

What are some of the most important things to pass on to the local people in terms of them being equipped to reach out after you leave?

LFTF: Episode 27

11th January 2018 | 3 min 17 sec

What are some of the positive effects that your time on the field has had on your children?

LFTF: Episode 26

2nd October 2017 | 3 min 32 sec

What is the biggest challenge facing the current generation of new missionaries coming out from Western countries?

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